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Find out how we're re-writing the story of education.


We're a team of moms and homeschool-nerds who are dedicated to rewriting the story of education and helping families fall in love with learning.

The Story Weavers curriculum was built by two homeschooling moms who set out to build a program for our children that just didn’t exist. The combination of a challenging, high-quality program with secular expectations, an emphasis on communication, and gorgeous, diverse literature was the ultimate homeschool find, and when we started our homeschool journey, it was totally missing. After nearly 10 years of research, development, and testing, The Story Weavers program officially debuted in 2019. 

“The goal is to help our kids fall in love with learning. Not just tick off a long list of to-dos.”

Our award-winning K-8 curriculum embraces the principles of connected learning and blends the most important academic skills with creative opportunities to dive deeper, explore beyond the surface level of knowledge, and ultimately fall in love with learning. 

Whether you’re a brand new homeschooler or you’re a seasoned educator, homeschooling is hard. Period. But it can be a beautiful, magical, experience that challenges your kids academically, and nurtures their soul and sense of wonder. And even though it’s difficult (let’s be honest, which part of parenting isn’t difficult?) it doesn’t have to be overwhelming and it doesn’t have to be boring. 

Mom and child reading a book

We brought together a team of experts, including physicists, data scientists, engineers, early childhood development experts, authors, artists, musicians, and lots more to build a new version of education that rises above the limitations and confines of the traditional model.


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Educational Philosophy

At the heart of our program is a commitment to cultivating curiosity and critical thinking. 

Every book of The Story Weavers program revolves around the belief that learning should not only involve absorbing information but also questioning, exploring, and connecting ideas across disciplines. 

“Curious kids and critical thinkers can meet and best the challenges that life throws at them.”


In a world of technology that evolves on literally a daily basis, the ability to think deeply and logically about the information that we interact with is such a foundational skill that it almost underlines everything else. 

With a common thread of curiosity and critical thinking, our program bridges the gaps between subjects, weaving new ideas with personal experiences to form a bigger tapestry that represents the real world and real people.

USCG Recognition Letter to a Student

Our students create real change in their communities. Nick, an 8-year-old from North Carolina was recognized by the US Coast Guard for his fundraising efforts in benefit of sea turtles.

The First TSW Book List

The very first TSW book list was announced in 2019. Picturebooks still remain a big part of our literature selections. These types of books are powerful tools for developing comprehension and critical thinking skills.

The Earliest Version of TSW Lesson Plans

TSW began as a crazy idea scribbled out during nap times and early mornings. The very first lesson plans were handwritten and tested with a small group of families. Each and every one of those early members became lifelong friends.


Our curriculum is structured into 8 meticulously designed books. Most families choose to spread the material over about 8 months (32 weeks). Flexibility is critical for most homeschoolers. The ability to speed up when your child is devouring curriculum and slow down when your family needs a little more time is a big part of how we built each set of level standards. 

You’ll need to plan on completing about 80% of all lessons in a level to get a full range of exposure to the skills and strategies unique to that level. The books of The Story Weavers program are presented in order from 1-8. We introduce skills in very practical activities and build on each skill sequentially. 

child writing_edited.jpg

“Every kid deserves to love learning and experience joy and wonder as they grow.”

A TSW Art Project on Cave Paintings

Each book revolves around a specific monthly theme and builds on a companion text that ties the lessons together. You’ll notice a pattern in each of our levels, of using stories to weave connections between people, places, ideas, values, and skills. 

This powerful and flexible structure helps students make meaningful connections between different subjects, enhancing both understanding and retention. 

One of the most important commitments TSW has made in developing a totally new model of education is that skills should be developed deeply. Retention isn’t enough. True understanding is better, but inspiration is the goal. We support kids as they go beyond surface knowledge and exposure to basic skills. The Story Weavers curriculum builds on skills to develop strength and real fluency with the goal of getting kids comfortable enough to use these skills independently, to achieve their goals and explore more of their own questions.

“Telling stories, both real and fantastical, helps kids and families connect with new ideas.”


TSW includes a huge range of activities designed to take learning off the page and develop strong fluency for each skill. No activity is ever isolated and no activity exercises just one skill. Every page has been carefully crafted to make the most of the time you spend learning by combining skills and disciplines. 

Types of Activities

Reading & Phonics


Through engaging texts and interactive phonics exercises, kids develop into confident readers. 

Each piece of literature featured in our program has been carefully curated. We’ve chosen stories that represent diversity, a secular nature, excellent writing, characters that kids can connect to, and opportunities to learn more about people and cultures. Whenever possible we feature authors who have lived in the cultures that they write about and can bring their family, traditions, and personal experiences to the writing. 

Alongside the required reading for each book, you’ll find at least two additional book recommendations. From picture books to manga to novels to reference texts, we’re confident you’ll find a story that makes your child’s heart sing. 

In levels K-3, each chapter includes a phonics and spelling segment and foundational decoding skills are emphasized. As families work up through level 3, challenging and advanced vocabulary becomes second nature. You’ll find adjustments and adaptations for every level of reader, including even the most advanced. 

In levels 4+, reading becomes a model for communication. The book selections become more intellectually challenging. You’ll find characters who experience moral conflicts, explore the concept of right and wrong, and even some who experience history in all is beauty and brutality. As learners move up in levels, the focus shifts through the different angles of communication and story building. Vocabulary and analysis move to the forefront of skills development. 

The Story Weavers Level 4 Book List

Each book corresponds with a geography unit. 

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Writing & Communication

TSW introduces writing skills through simple formulas and specific strategies. Writing is one of the most valuable skills your child will ever build, yet most traditional writing programs treat it more like a talent than a learnable pattern. 


Beginning as early as level 1 TSW introduces mentor texts, simple formulas for articulating ideas, and writing structures and styles in simple building blocks that can be combined in common patterns that amount to great writing. 


Learners get to analyze more than just stories, too! We use real examples of writing in advertising, research papers, movies, TV, social media, search results, and more to build confident writers and communicators. 

Sample of a Writing Activity in The Story Weavers Level 4
Another Sample of a Writing Activity in The Story Weavers Level 4

Writing formuals and patterns make teaching writing simple and fun. Even if writing isn't your strongest subject.

“Writing is just like baking. It's not hard if you have a recipe. And as soon as you can follow a recipe, you can whip up your own original creations.”


Hands-on science experiments offer a practical understanding of scientific concepts, while geography lessons expand students’ awareness of the world. Each activity is designed to offer an opportunity to understand the topic in relation to a child's own home, environment, and observations.

Science & Geography

A Sample of a Science Activity in The Story Weavers Level 3

Question-based science experiments let kids lead.

Another Sample of a Science Activity in The Story Weavers Level 3

Simple, no-prep experiments let you learn with your child.

A Sample of a Science Lesson in The Story Weavers Level 3

Crystal clear explanations keep science accessible.

A Sample of a History Lesson in The Story Weavers Level 2

Hands on history and geography tie into unforgettable stories.

“Science and art are so closely linked. It just makes sense to learn them together. ”

Art & Music


Creative projects and music lessons are integrated with monthly themes, encouraging artistic expression and musical skills. 

Each week art, reading, comprehension, history, and music are woven together. Iconic paintings are used to teach comprehension. Music theory is used to help kids develop strong logic skills. Artistic techniques are used to reinforce pattern recognition. 

You'll explore influential artists from a biographical perspective and try your hand at replicating some of their most beloved works. You'll listen to important musical scores and then create your own songs with accessible technology. You'll balance an understanding of theory with your own experience.

The art, music, science, and geography activities and deep dives make excellent portfolio builders to help document your child's educational journey.

Art appreciation and techniques combine to form a complete art program.

A Sample of an Art Lesson in The Story Weavers Program

Thanks for hanging out with us!

On behalf of the whole TSW team, thank you so much for stopping by and including us in your homeschooling story! We're so glad that we got to connect and we can't wait for the journey ahead. 

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The Story Weavers

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