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Level 5 is here! Celebrate with 30% OFF until July 31, 2024. Use code: L52024

Let Curiosity Guide Your Homeschool

The #1 Secular Homeschool Curriculum.


Each year TSW gets a refresh to stay modern and relevant! The updated curriculum books will be available to all members (new and existing) in August 2024! Get ready for the best year yet!

What is The Story Weavers?

The Story Weavers is an open-and-go curriculum that guides you through each day of your homeschool with challenging activities that build a habit of curiosity and nurture your learner’s unique passions so your whole family will love homeschooling.

Homeschool can be overwhelming. A strong, flexible curriculum is your secret ingredient for keeping your kids on track without losing that natural love of learning.

Whether you're a brand new homeschooler who is battling overwhelm or a seasoned educator looking to level up your curriculum for the year, The Story Weavers will transform the way you homeschool. It’s the perfect mix of customization and curiosity that helps families develop as communicators, keep kids challenged just enough to stay engaged, AND nurture the lifelong love of learning.

The #1 curriculum for families who love to learn
The Story Weavers Level 1 Cover Art

“This curriculum is the unicorn I’ve been searching for. Within just a few weeks of using TSW, my 9-year-old is coming up with project ideas, writing stories (for fun!), and actually looking forward to homeschooling with me in the mornings. This was THE best decision for our family.”

-Kelly S.

How does The Story Weavers Work?

The Story Weavers is a no-prep curriculum that gives you all the tools you need to deliver the highest quality standard of education while nurturing your child’s unique interests. You get…


Daily lessons with simple, curiosity building activities that let you learn alongside your child.


Inspiring deep dives that help you take your family’s interests off the page.


Crystal clear solutions manuals that include detailed explanations and teaching tips.


Engaging bonus books that make perfect portfolio builders.


Fun and educational field trip guides.

The #1 Secular Homeschool Program



Easy to use shopping lists that save you time and money


Extra book lists for voracious readers


Lifetime access to your materials

The Story Weavers Builds Curious Kids Who...


Your kids have a natural curiosity. We’ll show you how fan the flames of that curiosity and nurture you child as they become critical thinkers and problem solvers.


No more abstract, boring communication activities that fail to apply to real life. You and your family will become confident communicators with clear models, real-life examples, and meaningful discussions.



Stop putting off your passions to cross off todos. With an arsenal of tools and flexible activities, you’ll be using your daily lessons to explore the topics that matter most to your family.

Find Your Level

Our levels are aligned with grade levels. Need more help choosing? Download a placement test here.

Is The Story Weavers right for my family?

If you want to challenge your learners with curiosity while embracing their passions, then YES, this program is for you!

Our members come from every background and homeschooling style from worldschoolers to bookschoolers, to eclectic homeschoolers. You’ll walk away from each month with beautiful portfolio projects and the confidence that you’re following the highest academic standards whether you’re a brand-new homeschooler or a seasoned educator looking to breathe new life into your days.


If you’re not already the most confident, organized, consistent homeschooler you can possibly be, then The Story Weavers will transform your homeschool, your curriculum, and your days, guaranteed.

Got Questions? Ask Away!


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Uncover Effective Homeschool Patterns

Join our email list: At The Story Weavers, we see everything as a routine, a pattern that leads to a consequence - whether you like it or not. That's why we dive into different patterns that we, backed by science, see as highly effective. These patterns are designed to be seamlessly incorporated into your homeschool life, one step at a time.

Great decision! 

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