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Is your child bored while writing?

You should not be bored, or boring!

If you are bored while writing, then, most importantly, you are doing it wrong, and you will also bore your reader.

Think of it this way: you get bored for a reason, and sometimes for a good reason. You may be bored while writing because you are actually lying to yourself in a very deep way about what you are doing and why you are doing it.Your mind, independent of your ego, cannot be hoodwinked into attending to something that you think is uninteresting or useless. It will automatically regard such a thing as unworthy of attention, and make you bored by it.If you are bored by your writing, you have either chosen the wrong topic (one which makes no difference to you and, in all likelihood, to anyone else) or you are approaching a good topic in a substandard manner.Perhaps you are resentful about having to write this piece or afraid of its reception, or lazy, or ignorant, or unduly and arrogantly skeptical, or something of the kind.

You have to place yourself in the correct state of mind to write properly.

That state of mind is partly aesthetic. You have to be trying to produce something of worth, beauty and elegance.If you think that is ridiculous, then you are far too stupid at the moment to write properly. You need to meditate long and hard on why you would dare presume that worth, beauty and elegance are unworthy of your pursuit.

Do you plan to settle for ugly and uncouth?Do you want to destroy, instead of build?You must choose a topic that is important to you.This should be formulated as a question that you want to answer.

This is arguably the hardest part of writing anything: choosing the proper question.

Perhaps your parent has provided you with a list of topics, and you think you are off the hook as a consequence. You’re not.

You still have to determine how to write about one of those topics in a manner that is compelling to you. It’s a moral, spiritual endeavour.If you properly identify something of interest to you, then you have put yourself in alignment with the deeper levels of yourself.If these deeper levels do not want or need an answer to the question you have posed, you will not possibly be interested in it.So the fact of your interest is evidence of the importance of the topic.You, or some part of you, needs the answer – and such needs can be deep enough so that life itself can depend upon them.Someone desperate, for example, might find the question “why live?” of extreme interest, and absolutely require an answer that makes life’s suffering worth bearing.It is not necessary to ensure that every question you try to answer of that level of importance, but you should not waste your time with ideas that do not grip you.


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