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Download the "Workbook: A or B? Socratic Workbook Discussions"

Have you ever mulled over the significance of neutrality in a world fraught with conflicts? Or weighed the advantages and challenges of joining a dominant union like the EU? Have you faced the internal struggle of sharing valuable information or safeguarding it? And ever wondered what truly fuels innovation?

If these dilemmas spark your curiosity, you're in the right place! Homeschooling is more than just acquiring knowledge; it's about embracing the journey of exploration. And for minimalist homeschoolers, the intersection of simplicity and profound depth is the key. That's precisely what the "A or B? Socratic Discussions Workbook" offers.


The Morning Ritual: 10 Minutes of Socratic Discussions

Imagine starting each day with a 10-minute deep dive into Socratic discussions around decisions. Especially for those delving into Switzerland as a study topic, this workbook presents historical Swiss examples and the consequential outcomes of their choices. It's not just about absorbing facts, but understanding the thought processes, dilemmas, and outcomes of significant decisions.


Why the Socratic Method?

The Socratic Method emphasizes the power of questions. Through inquiry and conversation, it fosters critical thinking and idea generation. Paired with real historical dilemmas and decisions, it becomes an enlightening experience.


Dive Into the Workbook

The workbook presents:

  • Neutrality in World Affairs

  • Deciding the Fate: To Join the EU or Not?

  • The Intricacies of Sharing Information

  • The Forces and Choices Behind Innovation

  • These aren't mere stories; they are gateways to robust discussions, reflections, and revelations.


Essential for Every Minimalist Homeschooler

The Socratic Discussions Workbook seamlessly integrates into a minimalist homeschooling approach. It combines minimalist aesthetics with content-rich discussions.


Isn't It Time We Cultivated Curiosity?

When was your last deep dive into understanding the choices that crafted our world? This workbook transforms every discussion into a thrilling quest, every query into a journey, and every response into an eye-opening revelation.

For those teetering on the edge of the decision, here's a nudge: Every monumental choice begins with a simple question. So, are you poised to undertake this insightful expedition? Dive deep into a realm of decisions, dialogues, and debates.



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