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For this week, we unveil a special offer: Buy only the first book for $75 – try before you commit! Don't allow your homeschool to be anything less than extraordinary. Say yes to your risk-free opportunity and begin your journey today!

 We've received numerous queries from you via chat and support email about purchasing just the first book to try it out. Because we value your feedback and want to work together to, well, "figure things out", here is our exclusive perk for our email list subscribers:


Step 1: We think you’re amazing, and we believe this is the best investment to enhance your homeschooling experience. So, for this week, you can buy the first book for $75. Use it, test it, and experience the results.

Step 2: We want this curriculum to serve you at the highest level. Imagine this: once you decide to buy the full year, we will deduct the $75 from the total yearly price. (In all fairness: this offer cannot be combined with other promotions, as we need to cover the costs of our team of scientists, entrepreneurs, educators, and legal experts who contribute to this incredible curriculum. We hope you understand).


  • The first book of the Levels you choose (that is a full month of curriculum)
  • The first solutions manual for the first book




Once you decide to buy the full year, you will experience the full curriculum: 

The Story Weavers Level 1 is an 8-month curriculum ideal for 6-8-year-olds that will give you and your family absolute confidence in your homeschool foundations — through proven literacy builders and hands-on activities. This play-based program is perfect for new-homeschoolers and expert educators alike and will help you build the beautiful homeschool experience you’ve always hoped for.

“The best way to give your child a true love of learning is to make it really, actually fun and put them in charge of their education.”

The foundations for a life-long love of learning don’t just appear, you build them with joy and beautiful stories.

Over the next 32 weeks (8 months with a little flexibility built in there, because we know that life happens!) you will witness your Level 1 learner become acutely aware of the world around them and able to masterfully describe the relationships that make up their world.


If you’re looking for a way to inspire your child and introduce just enough challenge to ignite the spark of their natural curiosity, you’ve come to the right place. You will learn right alongside your child as you build early literacy skills, develop the tools needed to observe and reflect on your world, lay the foundations for crucial communication tactics, and start to build context with joyful, beautiful adventures into science, history, art, literature, and more.


See what’s possible when you transform your idea of education, eliminate learning anxiety, and let your child lead. Get started, risk-free, today.



  • The mysteries of the ocean and how water links all life on earth.
  • What it means to think like an engineer and how the forces of motion find their way into our everyday.
  • What makes life alive and how animals have changed our world.
  • The incredible lives of plants and how biology continues to surprise even the most sophisticated scientists.
  • The science of rocks and how humble minerals have inspired incredible human achievements.
  • The science of color and how art, biology, and engineering are all connected.
  • The secrets of snow and how extreme conditions inspire extreme problem-solving.
  • How do humans and animals move around the globe and what does it have to do with our maps?

The Story Weavers is a 100% truly secular curriculum! That means the content has been meticulously created to teach without the influence of any religion or religious denomination.

Level 1 First Book


What's Included?

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  • You’ll receive 8 beautifully designed workbooks in the form of a print-friendly PDF. Each book is built around a leveled companion text and is packed with lessons and activities that challenge and engage learners.

  • You'll also get access to a crystal clear solutions manual for each book filled with possible answers to each activity, in-depth explanations, and communication and teaching tips to make your mornings go smoothly.

  • As an added bonus, you'll find a super simple shopping list for each month, complete with Amazon links and purchase tips. We've done the work for you so you can take back your Sundays and leave the prep work in the past.


  • In your download, you’ll also find a placement test to help keep track of your child’s progress, instructions on how to use placement tests and self-assessments, an attendance sheet to make your record-keeping simple, and bonuses throughout the year!

  • With your purchase, you automatically get access to all new updates, materials, and bonus content that we publish all year long!

  • Need help? Wondering how to adapt a lesson for your child? Your purchase comes with support from our team of experts! Just pop into our chat with your order number and we'll connect you with a curriculum coordinator!


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