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Still thinking about using The Story Weavers for your homeschoolers this year? Put the #1 secular homeschool curriculum to the test and find out why families around the globe love TSW! Get the first books for all Levels 1-5 and put us to the test at your table. Experience a month of our comprehensive curriculum across all levels before committing to the full year. 


We’ve listened to your requests to try multiple levels, and we’re thrilled to provide this exclusive offer for our email subscribers. We know you'll love The Story Weavers approach to education.


  • You'll get the first book and solutions manual for levels 1-5. Use this month to explore the content, establish your routine, and experience exactly what its like to homeschool with TSW.
  • If you choose to continue with the full curriculum for any level, hop on over to our chat and let us know. We'll deduct $75 from the purchase of any level or $350 from the purchase of our All Access package.


  • The first book for each Level 1-5 (one month of curriculum for each level)
  • The corresponding solutions manuals for each book
  • A comprehensive getting started guide for each level
  • The first self-assessment for each level

By investing in the full curriculum, you’ll have access to all the comprehensive educational materials for the levels you choose. You'll also get access to bonus books, program updates, and goodies throughout the year!

The Story Weavers is a 100% truly secular curriculum! That means the content has been meticulously created to teach without the influence of any religion or religious denomination.

Level 1 - 5 All Access Package - First Books


What's Included?

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  • You’ll receive 8 beautifully designed workbooks in the form of a print-friendly PDF. Each book is built around a leveled companion text and is packed with lessons and activities that challenge and engage learners.

  • You'll also get access to a crystal clear solutions manual for each book filled with possible answers to each activity, in-depth explanations, and communication and teaching tips to make your mornings go smoothly.

  • As an added bonus, you'll find a super simple shopping list for each month, complete with Amazon links and purchase tips. We've done the work for you so you can take back your Sundays and leave the prep work in the past.


  • In your download, you’ll also find a placement test to help keep track of your child’s progress, instructions on how to use placement tests and self-assessments, an attendance sheet to make your record-keeping simple, and bonuses throughout the year!

  • With your purchase, you automatically get access to all new updates, materials, and bonus content that we publish all year long!

  • Need help? Wondering how to adapt a lesson for your child? Your purchase comes with support from our team of experts! Just pop into our chat with your order number and we'll connect you with a curriculum coordinator!


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Find out why The Story Weavers is

The #1 Secular Curriculum

What Subjects are Covered?

The Story Weavers covers everything required by most US states for homeschoolers, with the exception of math. Many of our lessons combine subjects, so your learner will be exercising several skills at once. You’ll find lessons on…

  • Reading

  • Phonics

  • Spelling

  • Vocabulary

  • Comprehension

  • Grammar

  • Writing

  • Communication

  • Social-Emotional

  • Critical Thinking

  • Handwriting

  • Geography

  • History

  • Art

  • Music

  • Science

You’ll also find a little bit of…

  • Coding

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Engineering

  • Debate skills

  • Technology skills

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Citizenship

  • Field Trips

  • And lots more!